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Welcome to Bible Study Verse By Verse!

This web page is hosted by George and Vicki Mulak and Supported by the Reverend Glen Haworth, Eaar Oden, and the congregation of The Fount church in Fountain Valley, formerly known as Fountain Valley United Methodist Church.

Vicki Mulak is the primary teacher and we are in the process of teaching the whole Bible, verse by verse.  It is our conviction that God is real and that if we let Him he will speak into our lives through his word, the Bible.  Therefore, we will be reading each verse in every book.  We believe this will take us about seven years total to come back to I Samuel.  I think we are on track as we have been at this now for over two years.

We will also be posting Bible study helps, links, and study pages to assist you as we go along.

We also want to especially thank Bill and Glima Beverly for their financial contribution which will be going for equipment as we need it.  Thank you both for your generosity.  We would also like to that Eaar Oden from Video Resources, who has helped with some technical.  Also, Brian Donley, who has been of support with microphones and stands.  Thanks guys!

My wife, Vicki, is a gifted orator and Bible teacher and as her husband I am her under girding and support.  God has gifted me with the ability to do the recording and web pages.  We are co-laborers with the Lord to disseminate His word.  Occasionally I will make a relevant comment.  Vicki also owns a growing business called American Financial and Tax that you may visit at:  http://www.americanfinancialtax.com  

Your e-mails to us are a critical encouragement.  Please send you comments to Vicki Mulak at : VMulak@AmericanFinancialTax.com   

Thank You!